Facts and figures

The statistics for the Department of Medicine activity presented here are drawn from the latest College pocket statistics guide (2016-17)Numbers have been rounded as appropriate.

Academic expenditure 2015-16

 Expenditure categoryAmount (£k)
General funds (staff) 26,425
General funds (other) 3,051
Research grants and contracts (staff) 28,308
Research grants and contracts (other) 27,869
Total 85,654
Percentage of total annual expenditure at Imperial College 15.5% (highest percentage of all departments at Imperial College)
All figures in £k, unless otherwise indicated 

Research grants and contracts income 2015–16

 Funding sourceAmount in (£k)
Research councils 17,700
UK charities 20,882
UK government, including health authorities 11,640
Uk industry 2,249
EU and overseas industry 1,321
EU government bodies 3,969
Other 5,738
Total 63,500
All figures in £k, unless otherwise indicated
Summary of the table's contents

For further information on statistics related to the Faculty of Medicine (incorporating the Department of Medicine as well as four other departments) please see the Faculty of Medicine facts and figures page.