Al McCartney
Senior Digital Communications Officer
+44 (0)20 7594 2961
Faculty Building
South Kensington Campus

The communications and web team currently runs two different blogs on behalf of the Faculty. By writing and submitting a post for either blog, you agree to abide by the Terms of Use.

The FoM Community blog (internally focused)

The FoM Community blog is a platform for staff to share news and stories with the rest of the Faculty. Each month posts are featured in the Community News section of the Faculty of Medicine newsletter.

Posts range from short, snappy updates to more detailed, in-depth pieces.

If you'd like to submit a post for the FoM Community blog, please email Al McCartney ( with the following:

  • your completed blog post
  • links that should be included within the text
  • any supporting media; such as images and videos

*Coming soon* - The Faculty of Medicine blog (externally focused)

The Faculty of Medicine blog will be a platform for our researchers, students and staff to describe their work, share their stories and discuss ideas with the rest of the world, in their own words.

In most instances posts should:

  • be written in the first person - we want these to be personal pieces that will convey your personality
  • be somewhere between 500 and 1000 words, to ensure you're covering a topic or story in sufficient detail
  • discuss or relate to your work within the Faculty

How it works

  • You get in touch with Al McCartney ( discuss your idea for a post
  • Once a topic or story has been agreed upon, you write and submit a first draft
  • We’ll then make any necessary suggestions for edits to ensure we end up with the best possible blog post in terms of structure, content, tone, spelling and grammar
  • A final draft will be agreed upon with you, and will be posted to the blog site on an appropriate date
  • Once your post is live, we may ask you to reply to comments from readers
  • We’ll stay in touch, in the hope that you'll write something for the blog again soon

Why blog?

Promote your work, get noticed and communicate your status as an expert in your field

This is a high profile platform that will allow you to communicate your work, whilst conveying your position as an expert in your field or on a specific topic.

Share something interesting

You think that your work is interesting and important, and it’s likely that others will agree; so why not share it with a wider audience by presenting it in an accessible and engaging manner.

Help and inspire others

Your blog posts would provide useful and convincing resources that will help people in similar situations or during a decision making process. Convince a graduate that they should apply to study for a PhD with your research group, or attract external researchers and organisations looking to form new collaborations.

Engage with the public

Promote your public engagement activities to funders, colleagues, students and of course the public. Make your work more easily understandable to a wider audience; breaking down the barriers to make the work of the Faculty more accessible.