Imperial College signed up to the Athena SWAN Charter in 2005. The Charter recognises a commitment to monitor and address gender inequality in higher education across both academic and professional support careers. Institutions and Departments can apply for awards to demonstrate the progress they are making towards the goal of achieving gender equality.

The Development and Opportunities Committee (DOC) is responsible for the process of applying for Athena awards as part of their remit to improve the culture and organisation of the Department. As a result of their work, the Department of Medicine achieved a Departmental Bronze award in 2012, followed by a Silver award in 2014.Athena SWAN

The DOC organises regular workshops to hear from staff and PhD students on topics such as departmental culture and organisation, career progression, development opportunities, mentoring, working environment and communication. In addition, the DOC oversees the work of the various staff working groups. The feedback from both of these routes contributes to the development of local initiatives, and helps to shape department culture and practices through recommendations made to the Departmental management board.

If you have any suggestions or questions about Athena SWAN, or would like to get involved, please contact the DOC Chair Dr Victoria Salem (details in sidebar).

Elsie Widdowson Application Process

Applications for the Elsie Widdowson Fellowship Award will need to take the following format:

(1) Letter of application written by applicant, covering the following requirements:

- a brief outline of the planned research activity and expected outcomes, including intended dates;
- teaching commitments, and when would be a suitable time for the Fellowship award to commence in relation to these commitments.

Please note that this must be sent as a Word or PDF file. Text in the body of an e-mail is insufficient. 

(2) Confirmation of Departmental support from Martin Wilkins

Going forward, please send any applications you receive directly to Leah Grey. She will then liaise with Martin Wilkins and raise the letter of support where appropriate, forwarding all documentation to HR. This will enable the Department to keep a record of applications and their outcomes which will also be helpful for Athena Swan.

For more information on the Elsie Widdowson Fellowship Award, please click here.