Equality and diversity

The Department of Medicine along with the wider College community, aim to promote and embrace all aspects of equality and disability support to confirm that the Department is a welcoming and equitable place to work.

The Equality and Diversity Unit is mandated to promote and entrench all aspects of equality throughout the College’s communities. The Equality and Diversity unit provides information on the Equality Act 2010, as well as specific information, advice and support for the protected characteristics AgeDisabilityGenderRaceReligious BeliefSexual Orientation & Transgender.

Mental Health Support

Imperial College have signed up to the Time 2 Change pledge and have committed to an action plan to raise awareness of mental health issues and enhance mental health wellbeing within the college. This includes:

  • increased Mental Health First Aiders.
  • a variety of workshops.


Imperial pledges to take necessary action to eliminate all forms of discrimination, especially direct and indirect forms of harassment, bulling and victimisation. There is support and information available for individuals who are the victim of harassment.

Information and support can be found on the College's harassment support page.


The Calibre Leadership Programme is a leadership development programme for disabled staff. It aims to develop and implement strategies that reflect the unique challenges and experiences of disabled staff. It has been designed to address the distinct and often subtle barriers disabled staff face in the work place. The Calibre Programme imparts knowledge and techniques to overcome and master barriers when operating in the workplace.

Please contact equality@imperial.ac.uk for details of future cohorts.


There are a range of diversity and equality training programmes and workshops available, including Active Bystander, Unconscious Bias and Disability Equality Training courses. Further information can be found on the EDI training courses page.