Epigenomics and disease The Section of Epigenomics and Disease uses genomic approaches to understand the underpinnings of human disease.  It currently comprises researchers that are defining mechanisms underlying human diabetes, and discovering novel therapeutic strategies (led by Professor Jorge Ferrer), as well as using regulatory genomics to define novel mechanisms of polygenic and monogenic diseases (Dr Santosh Atanur).  The section also includes the newly established Regulatory Genomics and Metabolic Disease Laboratory (led by Dr. Inês Cebola) and the NIHR Imperial BRC Genomics Facility, headed by Dr Paolo Piazza, whose mission is to support the use of genome technologies and information to facilitate medical advances.

Research groups and section leadership

Section leadership

Head of Epigenomics and Disease

Professor Jorge Ferrer is interested in understanding genome regulation of pancreatic beta cells and its implications for human diabetes.

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