Histopathology, the study of disease in tissue, provides a visual aspect to translational medicine by investigating cell-cell interaction within tissue sections by H&E sections and immunohistochemistry to identify cellular detail.

In cancer, the tumour grade and stage can be compared to gene expression, response to treatment (chemo and/or radiotherapy) and in inflammatory disorders, the grade and type of inflammation and tissue responses can be studied to correlate with postulated and in vitro mechanisms of damage.

The department has PhD, MSc and BSc students working on a variety of projects, which require expertise in Histopathology.

Research and centre leadership

Head of Centre

Professor Terry Cook

Professor Cook FMedSci is Professor of Renal Pathology and Deputy Director of the Centre for Complement and Inflammation Research at Imperial College.

He is also Consultant Renal Pathologist in the Imperial Academic Health Science Centre. He is Past-President of the Renal Pathology Society.

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Professor of Liver & GI Pathology

Professor Robert Goldin

Professor Goldin's interests lie in hepato-biliary and gastro-intestinal disease. His research has focused particularly on viral and fatty liver hepatitis, as well as gastro-intestinal malignancy (including neuro-endocrine tumours). He has also developed new approaches to analysing tissue using computational pathology, metabonomic and other imaging techniques.  As part of this, Professor Goldin has extensive experience of phenotyping mouse models of disease.  He also works at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Oxford with a focus on translational research.   

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