Immunology and Inflammation

The Division of Immunology and Inflammation, one of five Divisions within the Department of Medicine, shares the common goal of integrating discovery science with clinical medicine to treat or prevent diseases of global importance, across microbiology, virology, autoimmunity, and inflammation.

Our focus is on discovering fundamental mechanisms linking the immune system to disease and translating these to advance molecular medicine in the clinic."

Professor Dorian Haskard

Groups within our Division collaborate extensively with Imperial College-associated hospitals and industry to achieve this goal. Research within the Division is currently focused on the control of programmed cell death by NF-κB/Rel transcription factors and its roles in immunity; inflammation and cancer; complement biology; T cell immunology; viral immunology; and renal and vascular inflammation.

In addition, the Division contains the Wellcome Trust funded Microarray Carbohydrate Facility. The research in the Division of Immunology and Inflammation is funded by a variety of sources, such as the Wellcome Trust, MRC, BBSRC, ERC, CRUK, and ARUK.

The Division runs the MSc in Immunology and is a core contribution to the intercalated BSc in Immunology. In addition, the Division organises the annual Immunology and Renal Pathology short courses.

Immunology and Inflammation

Immunology and Inflammation

The division is split into four key sections or centres
, each with their own selection of principle-investigator-led research groups. Explore the list below for further information.