Section of Renal and Vascular Inflammation

The Section of Renal and Vascular Inflammation is comprised of a diverse group of scientists and clinician-scientists with wide-ranging interests, all converging on understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of renal injury and repair.

Research interests include the kidney disorders glomerulonephritis and diabetic nephropathy, as well as chronic vascular disease. The studies utilise a variety of tests, including cell cultures and animal models, before considering clinical trials. For diabetic nephropathy, work in the Section aims to investigate the key role played by chemokines and the growth factors in kidney damage, and developing biomarkers and new approaches to treatment.

In addition to these main interests, the Section has a number of translational projects, including the genetics of various types of glomerulonephritis, the role of ethnicity in the predisposition to renal disease, and the development of novel biomarkers and treatment protocols in inflammatory renal disease. The Section contributes to several national and international clinical trials of glomerulonephritis.

The Section receives funding from organisations including the Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust, Arthritis Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Kidney Research UK and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Research interests and centre leadership

Research interests and areas

  • Characterising vascular inflammation in chronic inflammatory disease
  • Development of diabetic nephropathy and the key role played by CTGF in this process, as well as in other fibrosing renal states
  • Pathogenesis and treatment of glomerulonephritis, specifically anti-GBM disease, systemic vasculitis, SLE and IgA nephropathy

Section leadership

Head of Renal and Vascular Inflammation

Professor Charles Pusey is Professor of Medicine, and Consultant Physician and Lead Clinician in the Renal Directorate at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. He is a clinician-scientist with a particular interest in autoimmune renal disease, including primary systemic vasculitis. He runs a large multidisciplinary vasculitis clinic and has made a major contribution to clinical trials in this area. He directs an internationally competitive laboratory research programme studying mechanisms of autoimmunity, inflammation, and scarring in glomerulonephritis.

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