The Department of Medicine aims to educate the next generation of leaders in Medicine, Clinical and Health Sciences and Molecular Medicine. It is one of the largest teaching and research organisations in the UK, with a reputation for excellence and a vibrant and international working community.

Educating the next generation of leaders in Medicine, Clinical Sciences, and Molecular Medicine

The Department has world-class facilities and staff dedicated to supporting all of our students at every level. Furthermore, with hospital-based campuses, you can be sure you will be studying in a friendly and inspiring environment appropriate for your specific scientific interest.

We have an internationally recognised portfolio of MSc and MRes courses, some of which are offered as part-time blended learning courses (very popular with health professionals) as well as the traditional one-year full-time courses and two-year part-time modes of study. With a large cohort of around 400 PhD and MD students, the Department makes up one tenth of the research degree population of Imperial College.

In addition to the Master's courses offered, the Department contributes widely to the undergraduate medical and biomedical courses within the Faculty and co-ordinates a wide range of short courses.