Research degree handbook

The research degree handbook for current students provides important guidance for PhD students.

Please also see our 'PhD induction' page for further information.

The Department currently hosts over 350 research degree students, including basic scientists and clinicians, across six campus sites in five Divisions and 17 sections, making it one of the largest research degree programmes in the College.

Research degree handbook

The research degree handbook informs you about the support available to you throughout your research degree programme.

Information is provided about the following:

  • Policies, procedures and milestone requirements
  • The Graduate School
  • Professional Development courses on offer
  • The roles of the supervisor, Section Cohort Leaders, Student Representatives, and Higher Degrees Research Committee
  • What procedures to follow do if you have an issue or problem

Dean’s Internship Awards

The Dean’s Internship Awards scheme supports all Department of Medicine PhD students in gaining experience and insight across different sectors and in building valuable networks, by funding a wide range of research and training activities. Further information can be found on the Dean's Internship Awards page.

PhD Student Representatives 2016-17
NameContact details
Grace Birch
Helen Groves
Motasim Masood
Nichola Naylor
Mariana Norton
Anwar Sayed
Amy R Switzer
Olivia Szepietowski
Scarlett G Turner
Merve Zeden
Midhat Salman
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