Person holds globe under their armAs an undergraduate in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London you’ll have opportunities to develop your interest and skills in languages, humanities, business and music too.

Geoscience is a global subject and we support all students to improve their language skills. In year three you can take language modules which count towards your final degree, or you can study languages informally (not for credit) at any time, for example through College-organised classes here on campus. 

We also offer students the option to take business modules in the Business School. Around 10% of our students go on to careers in business, finance, media and other top professions. These modules are an invaluable opportunity to develop business skills.

Students may also join the optional, co-curricular programme, Imperial Horizons. Alongside students from other departments and faculties students engage in an 8 to 10 week programme in topics such as Business and Professional Skills, Global Challenges, Languages and Global Citizenship and Science, Culture and Society.

It’s awesome to be able to study at the Royal College of Music as well."

– Katy Hebditch, recent graduate, Ash Music Scholar


If you play a musical instrument, we also offer the chance of a scholarship to the Royal College of Music where you will enjoy free tuition, as well as the chance to learn about the science of music. if you are unsuccessful in gaining a scholarship, you can still make use of the Blyth Music Centre, with its practice rooms and grand pianos.