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Change Makers

Tackle sustainable human development issues to find out how you can make an impact in the real world

Pursue your curiosities in life, conducting background and empirical research to answer your own questions and to build your own awareness and knowledge of the world around you. Engage your whole being in your work and think beyond your discipline. Consider individuals, communities and nations with empathy and respect and see the world from the perspectives of others. Develop the confidence, self-awareness and reflexivity to work independently, to network and communicate with others and to pursue your passions in the world.

All modules include active learning to promote collaboration, team work and creativity.

Module options

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Humanities & Social Sciences

Cross boundaries and explore new worlds

Imperial Horizons Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) modules draw from a wide range of subjects to expand your knowledge of, and engagement with, the world. Discover new interests, gain fresh insights, meet new people, engage with novel challenges, and broaden your knowledge.

Whichever option you choose, a Humanities & Social Sciences module option is the perfect opportunity to bring an interdisciplinary dimension to your Imperial education. All HSS modules give you the opportunity to develop your critical thinking, communication, and persuasion skills.

Module options

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Learn a language and gain insights into other cultures

Learning a language prepares you for the global workplace whilst enabling you to acquire multiple transferable skills. Strong presentation, communication and discussion skills are just a few examples of the competences language-learning affords.

Our interactive classes follow a communicative approach and cover speaking, reading, writing and listening. Teaching includes both pair work and group work, and use of multimedia materials in-class as well as on our e-learning platform (Blackboard).

Horizons languages are available in a range of levels, from complete beginner to advanced. All modules are designed to be standalone, giving the flexibility for students to either try a new language or build on existing skills.

Module options