Through I-Explore, you’ll have the chance to deepen your knowledge in a brand new subject area, chosen from a huge range of for-credit modules built into your course.

How it works

From 2019, all of our undergraduate courses will include one module from I-Explore’s wide selection. The module you choose will be fully integrated into your course’s curriculum and will count as credit towards your degree.

You will have complete freedom of choice over which I-Explore module you want to study*.

To make it easier to follow your interests, we’ve divided our huge portfolio of options into the following four categories.

2 column general content block: Horizons and BPES

Photo of students taking an Imperial Horizons course

Imperial Horizons

Imperial Horizons gives you access to a wide range of options, including modules focused on humanities, social sciences, languages, and culture, society and global challenges. There are also opportunities to collaborate with the Enterprise Lab and the Advanced Hackspace and work on projects with real-world impact.
Photo of students in the Business School

Business for Professional Engineers and Scientists (BPES)

BPES modules, delivered by Imperial College Business School, give you the chance to gain a greater understanding of the financial, strategic and operational context of your core subject through face-to-face and online classes.

2 column general content block: STEMM and Multi

Photo of students at the Imperial Hackspace

STEMM modules

These modules allow you to study areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine (STEMM) from outside of your chosen subject.

This will also include topical areas of science being pioneered by our researchers that are not currently offered within our undergraduate courses.
Photo of students completing the

Multidisciplinary projects

Like the Faculty of Natural Sciences’ annual ‘Make-A-Difference’ competition, these multidisciplinary projects have collaboration at their heart.

You will work with staff and students from across the College on projects which provide the opportunity and space to explore an idea, create a prototype or solve a problem.

*Students taking a year abroad or a year in industry will not normally be able to choose from the full range of I-Explore.