CSEI Director Dr Ana Mijic interviewed by ITV News at Ten


Ana Mijic

CSEI Director Dr Ana Mijic interviewed by ITV News at Ten

Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation’s Director Dr Ana Mijic was interviewed by ITV News at Ten on Thursday 31 March 2022.

Following the release of new government data on Combined Storm Overflows (CSOs) showing that water companies have discharged raw sewage into rivers and coasts 372,533 times last year for 2,667,452 hours, the UK government announced plans to put strict limits on when water companies can use storm overflows and reduce discharges by 40% by 2040.

Dr Mijic commented that, in order to solve the issue, more needs to be done than only taking action against water companies. Specifically, this is a problem that needs to be tackled from a systems perspective and which needs a systems solution. Modelling future scenarios would aid early remedial intervention and ensure we approach urban developments in an integrated manner so as to reduce the pressure on the water system.

Watch the video here [Play from 22:32]

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