Skempton BuildingThe Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation was founded in 2010 with investment from Laing O’Rourke with a view to bringing systems engineering and innovation to civil infrastructure.

We are a hub that brings together world-class systems research, academic excellence and industry expertise with the key aim of transforming the vision around the transition to zero pollution infrastructure, key for achieving Net-Zero target by the UK Government. To join our vibrant and forward-thinking research community and to discuss membership please email Jeni Giambona,

The Centre is research-led and has been deepening its engagement with industrial partners and members to develop world-leading research with a focus on six interconnected research themes - Carbon Neutral to Net Zero Pollution, Complexity and Resilience, Systems Integration, Data-Driven Systems Engineering, Transforming Construction, and Infrastructure Lifecycles. Download our 10 year report

Membership and Partnership of the Centre

Membership of the Centre brings the benefits of engaging with leading researchers and solid academic expertise to jointly shape our ambitious research priorities. It also means having early access to our findings on systems approaches to innovative ways to design, integrate and deliver Zero Pollution and Net-Zero infrastructure. We work closely with industry partners to understand their real-world problems, bring those insights back into the university to develop next generation solutions which are then fed back into practice to ensure that our research has impact on their processes and practices. This means being able to accelerate the process of implementation of research outputs and new technologies, delivering value to our stakeholders by improving efficiency and so reducing costs, increasing returns and extending lifecycles. All members and partners will have the opportunity to

  •    Shape the Centre’s research in line with real-world needs
  •    Engage in relevant research
  •    Upskill the workforce
  •    Benefit from reputational competitive advantage through the Imperial brand
  •    Access to cutting-edge research and knowledge base
  •    Keep abreast of the latest cutting-edge developments in the sector

How to get involved

Benefits of working with us - example case study

Laing O'Rourke - A 10 year celebration of collaboration and innovation

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Our current industry collaborations

Our current industry collaborators are listed below

We look forward to working with partners in the following fields who are developing their sustainability strategies:

  •    Governments and government agencies
  •    Infrastructure owners, developers, construction companies
  •    Consultancies
  •    Management
  •    Corporations –I.e. corporate sustainability
  •    SMEs
  •    Start ups