Academic and teaching staff

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CAGB: City and Guilds Building

Professor Paul Robinson Head of Department (HoD), Chair of Health and Safety Committee 45073 CAGB 318
Professor Ferri Aliabadi Professor of Aerostructures and Zharoff Chair in Aviation 45077 CAGB 323
Professor Peter Bearman Professor of Experimental Aerodynamics, Senior Research Investigator 45055 CAGB 317
Dr Paul Bruce Reader in High-Speed Aerodynamics, Senior Tutor for PGR 45048 CAGB 333
Dr Oliver Buxton Senior Lecturer in Experimental Aerodynamics, UG Labs Coordinator (Aerodynamics), Deputy Senior Tutor and Departmental Disability Officer 45118 CAGB 213
Dr Chris Cantwell Senior Lecturer in Aeronautics 45050 CAGB 219
Professor Sergei Chernyshenko Professor of Aerodynamics, Director of MSc in Advanced Computational Methods 45548 CAGB 211A
Professor Paul Curtis Senior Research Investigator 47580 CAGB 317
Professor Denis Doorly Professor of Fluid Mechanics, Director of Teaching 45049 CAGB 313A
Dr Barbara Gordon Senior Research Investigator   CAGB 317
Professor J Michael R Graham Professor of Unsteady Aerodynamics, Senior Research Investigator 45074 CAGB 317
Professor Emile Greenhalgh Professor in Composite Materials, Head of the Composites Centre 45070 CAGB 334
Dr Rob Hewson Reader in Aircraft Design, Director of MSc in Advanced Aeronautical Engineering 45110 CAGB 341
Professor Richard Hillier Professor of Compressible Flow 45064 CAGB 317
Dr Yongyun Hwang Senior Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics Seminar Organiser, Senior Tutor for Y3/Y4 UG students 45078 CAGB 337
Professor Lorenzo Iannucci Dstl/Airbus Chair/Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in multiscale armour design, Professor in Advanced Structural Design 45058 CAGB 316
Dr Eric Kerrigan Reader in Control Engineering and Optimization 45139 CAGB 332
Dr Aaron Knoll Senior Lecturer in Spacecraft Engineering, Careers Officer for UG and PGT 47580 CAGB 343
Dr Mirko Kovac Reader in Aerial Robotics 45063 CAGB 326
Dr Sylvain Laizet Reader in Computational Fluid Mechanics 45045 CAGB 339
Dr Koon-Yang Lee Reader in Polymeric Materials, Director of MSc in Composites, UG Labs Coordinator (Structures), Structures Seminar Organiser 45150 CAGB 325
Professor Michael Leschziner Professor of Computational Aerodynamics, Senior Research Investigator 45061 CAGB 317
Dr Thulasi Mylvaganam Lecturer in Control and Multi-Agent Systems, Deputy UG Admissions Tutor 45129 CAGB 221
Dr Errikos Levis Senior Teaching Fellow, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Undergraduate Project Coordinator, Erasmus Project Coordinator 45082 CAGB 212
Dr Qianqian Li Lecturer in Composites 45109 CAGB 330
Dr Roderick Lubbock Senior Strategic Teaching Fellow    CAGB 139
Dr Francesco Montomoli Reader in Computational Aerodynamics, PGT Senior Tutor, Dept Contact for City and Guilds College Association 45151 CAGB 215
Professor Jonathan Morrison Professor of Experimental Fluid Mechanics 45067 CAGB 315
Dr Elnaz Naghibi Teaching Fellow, Year Abroad Coordinator, GTA/Lab Coordinator. 43024 CAGB 139
Professor Rafael Palacios Professor of Computational Aeroelasticity, Director of Research 45075 CAGB 338
Dr Ajit Panesar Lecturer in Design for Innovative Manufacturing 42202 CAGB 216
Dr George Papadakis Reader in Aerodynamics 45080 CAGB 331
Dr Joaquim Peiro Professor of Engineering Computation, Mathematics Coordinator 45051 CAGB 214
Professor Silvestre Pinho Professor in Mechanics of Composites, Head of Aerostructures Section 45076 CAGB 336
Dr Maria Ribera Vicent Teaching Fellow 45103 CAGB 139
Dr Georgios Rigas Lecturer in Aerodynamics 45065 CAGB 327
Dr Matthew Santer Reader in Aerospace Structures, Director of Postgraduate Studies (PhD) 45117 CAGB 335
Dr Siti Shamsuddin Teaching Fellow, Societal Engagement - Academic champions, Senior Tutor for Y1/Y2 UG students 45042 CAGB 139
Dr Zahra Sharif Khodaei Reader in Structural Integrity, RA Champion, Tutor for Women 45116 CAGB 329
Professor Spencer Sherwin McLaren Racing/Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair, Professor of Computational Fluid Mechanics, Head of Aerodynamics Section 45052 CAGB 313B
Dr Monika Szumilo Teaching Fellow 45086 CAGB 139
Dr Vito Tagarielli Reader in Mechanics of Solids, Undergraduate Examinations Officer 45167 CAGB 218
Dr Peter Vincent Reader in Aeronautics, Web and OpenAccess Champion 41975 CAGB 211
Dr Andrew Wynn Senior Lecturer in Control Engineering, UG Admissions Tutor 45047 CAGB 340