We work closely with departments to ensure that the voices of postdocs and fellows are well-represented at the departmental level. Postdoc and Fellow Champions are integral to this effort, as they:

  • Receive feedback from postdocs and fellows and present their views at department and faculty level to help ensure their needs are appropriately met
  • Keep in regular contact with the postdoc reps within their department, with meetings taking place at least once per term
  • Organise and attend meetings between postdocs, fellows and heads of departments
  • Take an active role, together with postdoc reps, fellows and department staff, in organising events relevant to postdocs and fellows
  • Provide advice to postdocs and fellows on available development training and support
  • Encourage and facilitate networking between postdocs and fellows from different research groups and other staff within the department
  • Ensure a department distribution list for postdocs and fellows is maintained   
  • Regularly attend the Champions meeting hosted by the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre every term

Please click on the tabs below to find out who your departmental Champion is.

If you would like any further information about the Postdoc and Fellow Champions or would like to talk about becoming a Champion, please contact Liz Elvidge.



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