Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment


icons showing renewable technologies and dollar signs
Briefing: Towards a just and equitable low-carbon energy transition

Ensuring that the transition to a low-carbon economy is fair and equitable for all is essential to securing a sustainable, resilient future. This briefing, and accompanying animation, reviews existing evidence on the risk of adverse impacts of a rapid energy transition, and discusses how they can be minimised.

Man in a field spraying pesticides on the crop
Briefing: Multiple stressors in freshwater ecosystems: biocides and climate change

Human activity is putting increasing pressure on our natural environment and human-induced impacts are becoming both more widespread and severe. This briefing paper considers how multiple threats to freshwater ecosystems interact with each other and provides recommendations on how to monitor, model and manage those threats effectively.

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Spotlight: Electrical Energy Storage 

Researchers at the Grantham Institute are exploring how the costs and technical characteristics of a range of energy storage technologies could develop over the next 15 years, and modelling how the most promising could become part of a future low-carbon energy system.