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plane surveying Antarctic ide
Research: ICECAP 2 - Exploring Antarctica

The ICECAP 2 project is using geophysical data from aerial surveys to explore the last major frontier of the Antarctic ice sheet, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of Antarctica’s role in global climate processes. Read more

Outlook 2016-17: Find out more about the Institute's activities

Facing challenges of water shortages, air pollution, energy supply and social inequality, Imperial College London researchers are striving to make a better world. Read about 9 up-and-coming projects in climate change and the environment and more in Outlook 2016-17, our latest magazine. Read more

Briefing: Evaluating the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)

Our latest paper summarises the impact of the EU ETS on environmental and economic outcomes such as carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, economic performance, international competitiveness and innovation. Read more