The Grantham Institute brings together researchers and capabilities from all areas of the College necessary to tackle the challenges of climate change and the environment.  As a window onto climate and environmental research at Imperial, we actively showcase and support the work carried out by academics across the College.

Bubble graphic showing number of affiliates in different disciplines

The Grantham Affiliates scheme is open to any Imperial staff who wish to be associated with the Institute, and are working in the areas of climate change and the environment. 

If you would like to become a Grantham Affiliate or would like more information please complete this form.

Please note that the Grantham Affiliates scheme is available to Imperial staff only.

Funding opportunities for Grantham Affiliates

In order to promote new ideas and collaborations in priority areas for engagement and research, the Grantham Institute is periodically offering a number of funding opportunities to Grantham Affiliates. Read more

Why become a Grantham Affiliate?

Grantham Affiliates benefit from access to funding opportunities and support provided by the Institute.

What benefits are available to Grantham Affiliates?


  • Active engagement and co-ordination of research opportunities (large bids)
  • Convening opportunities to develop interdisciplinary research ideas e.g. sandpits
  • Policy and business engagement: identification, networking support, organising and hosting events, follow-up
  • Facilitating internal communications, building a community


  • Information on climate change and environment in the wider context
  • Training, for example on interacting with policy-makers
  • A monthly newsletter including funding opportunities and upcoming events
  • Identifying and sharing research gaps and potential funding sources


  • Proactively developing networks and connections for impacts outside the College on relevant topics
  • Dissemination of Affiliates’ existing material to a broader audience, for example through seminars and networking events.
  • Profile raising through the Grantham Institute website including the Affiliates directory
  • Non-academic publication: support translating and disseminating of research, including publication costs


  • Pump-priming funding for new ideas that represent gaps and opportunities
  • Coordinating / project managing role larger research projects
  • Developing concepts, managing process and costs for Institute briefing papers
  • Impact opportunities for future REF: financial support, human resources, ideas etc

Find out more about funding opportunities available to Grantham Affiliates