Brian Hoskins

Professor Sir Brian Hoskins



Professor Sir Brian Hoskins is Chair of the Grantham Institute and is a member of the Committee on Climate Change. Brian was the Institute’s first Director from 2008-2014.

 Joanna Haigh

Professor Joanna Haigh


Professor Joanna Haigh is the Co-Director of the Grantham Institute, Professor of Atmospheric Physics and the Director of the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet (SSCP) Doctoral Training Partnership

 Martin Siegert

Professor Martin Siegert


Professor Martin Siegert is the Co-Director of the Grantham Institute and Professor of Geosciences. Martin also represents the College as a member of the Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (Climate-KIC) Governing Board.




Kris Murray

Dr Kris Murray

Grantham Lecturer in Ecological Health
+44(0)758 677 9628

Kris is an ecologist with interests that fall at the interface between environmental, animal and human health. His research focusses on looking at the ways in which environmental factors combine with social factors to mediate infectious disease risks in wildlife and people. He is co-convenor of the MSc in Environmental Technology Health and the Global Environment option, developed in partnership with the Centre for Environmental Policy and the School of Public Health

Erik van Sebille

Dr Erik van Sebille

Grantham Lecturer in Oceanography and Climate Change
+44 (0)20 7594 8453

Erik is an oceanographer and climate scientist, investigating the time scales and pathways of the global ocean circulation. His research focuses on how currents and eddies in the ocean transport heat and nutrients, as well as marine organisms and plastics between different regions of the ocean.

 Mirabelle Muuls

Dr Mirabelle Muûls

Grantham Lecturer in Economics
+44 (0)20 7594 9059

Mirabelle researches how policies such as Emissions Trading Schemes (ETSs) affect businesses, as well as the impact of climate change on economic activity. She is the Programme Director for the MSc in Climate Change, Management and Finance, developed in partnership with Imperial College Business School.


Dr Heather Graven

Grantham Research Fellow
+44 (0)20 7594 5226

Heather's research focuses on the global carbon cycle and its response to human activities and climate change.


Dr Bhopal Pandeya

Research Associate in Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Development

Bhopal’s research focuses on water security, land management and sustainable development in the developing world. He is an ESPA Fellow currently working on web-based policy support systems and citizen science practices for water and land resources management. He is also keen to integrate ecosystem services valuation methods into sustainable development planning.


Dr Amiera Sawas

Researcher - Climate Change and Security

Amiera is interested in issues of rights and access to basic infrastructure, vulnerability, and security. She is passionate about the need for multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approaches to issues of development and security.

 Jakob Runge

Dr Jakob Runge

Research Associate in Complex Systems

Jakob's work centres on novel machine learning and complexity science approaches to better understand causal relations in the complex system Earth. He is funded by a JSMF Postdoctoral Fellowship Award in Studying Complex Systems.


Mitigation team


Professor Jenny Nelson

Mitigation programme leader
+44 (0)20 7594 7581


Jenny leads the Institute’s climate change mitigation research, which covers some of the key technologies for emissions mitigation such as low carbon energy technologies, as well as industrial emissions, energy systems modelling and mitigation policy. She is also a Professor of Physics, with her own research focussing on solar photovoltaics and related materials science.

Ajay Gambhir

Ajay Gambhir

Senior Research Fellow (Mitigation Policy)
+44 (0)20 7594 6363

Ajay's work focuses on the economics and policy of low-carbon technologies.

 Neil hirst

Neil Hirst

Senior Policy Fellow
+44 (0)20 7594 6306

Neil works with the Chinese government and other international energy policymakers on the reform of global energy governance and China’s participation.

Tamaryn Napp

Dr Tamaryn Napp

Research Associate in Mitigation
+44 (0)20 7594 5796


Tamaryn's research focuses on developing the TIAM-Grantham global energy systems model, and investigating technologies and policies for mitigating CO2 emissions from energy-intensive industrial processes

 Sheridan Few

Dr Sheridan Few

Research Associate in Mitigation Technologies

Sheridan's work focuses on understanding the role of energy technologies in meeting mitigation targets. Sheridan is currently working on understanding how energy storage technologies could develop, and their potential for climate change mitigation.



  Simon bailey

Dr Simon Bailey

Head of Operations
+44 (0)207 594 8937 

Simon oversees the Institute’s operations, supporting the development and delivery of the Institute’s strategy, coordinating between programme, development, outreach and communication activities, and managing the Institute’s resources.

 Laila Read

Dr Laila Read

Project Manager
+44 (0)207 594 8628

Laila provides management, planning, financial, administrative and organisational support in the development and delivery of new partnerships and collaborations, working across a range of disciplines and with a variety of funders.  


Gosia Gayer

Institute Administrator 
Personal Assistant to Grantham Co-Directors
+44 (0)20 7594  9666

Gosia provides executive level project management and administrative support to the Co-Directors. She also has responsibility for ensuring that the Institute’s day-to-day operations run smoothly, including its regular seminar and lectures, official visits as well as its facilities and central resources.


Christiane Morgan

Personal and Administrative Assistant: Business and Policy
+44 (0)20 7594 1180

Christiane provides support to the Institute’s business and policy engagement activities, as well as personal assistance to the business, policy and innovation team. This includes engagement events with our stakeholders in these areas.


Paola Riboldi-Gomm

Finance Administrator
+44 (0)207 594 8627

Paola handles all of the Institute’s day-to-day financial activities, advising and assisting staff and students with financial transactions.


 Sophie smith

Sophie Smith

Project Manager - Education
+44 (0)20 7594 5885

Sophie is responsible for delivering the Institute's education programmes. She manages all educational activities including the NERC funded Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet (SSCP) Doctoral Training Partnership and the MSc in Climate Change Management and Finance.  

 Eleana overett

Eleana Overett

Administrator - Education
+44 (0)20 7594 8451

Eleana supports the Project Manager – Education at the Grantham Institute with the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet (SSCP) Doctoral Training Partnership programme. She also assists the Faculty of Natural Sciences with their MSc in Environmental Technology, specifically the Environmental Resource Management option. 

 Tom bond

Tom Bond

Innovation Programme Manager
+44 (0)20 7594 5885

Tom leads the delivery of the Innovating for Sustainable Development programme, which seeks solutions to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The programme will bring DTP students into contact with high profile policy makers, NGOs, start-ups and involve residential courses, workshops and access to special events.

Policy & communications

 Alyssa Gilbert

Alyssa Gilbert

Director of Policy and Translation
+44 (0)20 7594 9665

Alyssa is responsible for making the link between our academic work and policy-makers, businesses, NGOs and other stakeholders. Her work involves engaging with a wide range of organisations and producing briefing papers, events and bespoke engagements that ensure that our work has impact. 

Simon Levey

Simon Levey

Communications Manager
+44 (0)207 594 5650

Simon’s role is to write news and organise events about climate and environmental research at Imperial, and coordinate public engagement activities and training. He also edits publications about climate science and policy for the Grantham Briefing Papers series. Simon is responsible for all communications about Grantham Institute staff, students and affiliates.

Portrait photo of Dr Alex Howe

Dr Alex Howe

Stakeholder Engagement Manager
+44 (0)207 594 8455

Alex's role focuses on building external and internal partner networks around two of our themes: decarbonisation pathways and the application of satellite technology.



Digital Communications Officer (vacancy)


Please contact Simon Levey ( for any queries regarding the Institute's digital communications.

 John Ashton

John Ashton

Distinguished Policy Fellow

 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

Grantham Research Fellow 

Jeff's research focuses on society-led low carbon energy  transformations and associated strategic narrativesHe is on a 12-month sabbatical from Ofgem, where he was Head of Sustainable Energy Futures. 



 Richard Templer

Professor Richard Templer

Director of Innovation
+44 (0)20 7594 5874

Richard leads the Institute’s innovation activities, with a focus on founding a world-leading co-location centre for climate change research, education and innovation on Imperial’s White City Campus. The Imperial College Centre for Cleantech Innovation will be one key component of this new innovation hub.