Appeals by undergraduates & master's level students

Appeals against withdrawals for unsatisfactory progress (in year)

Student Withdrawals and Appeals Procedure (general regulations, appendix 1) [pdf] 

‌Note: This procedure only applies to students subject to the General Regulations and does not apply to students that are governed by the Regulations for Taught Programmes of Study. Details of which regulations apply to an individual student can be found at on the academic regulation pages.  Please contact if there is a query as to whether this procedure applies to a particular student.

Academic appeals against Board of Examiners or mitigating circumstances decisions made in:
Academic Year 2020-21
Academic Year 2019-20

 If you are unsure of which version of the procedure to use please contact the student casework team

Appeals by research students

Policy and procedures

For all decisions of ESA, LSR and final examination from 1st October 2019

Complaints from students

Policy and procedures

Ordinance E3 - Student Complaints (Sept 2018)‌ [pdf]


Complaints form [doc]

Complaints from applicants

Disciplinary procedures

Policy and procedures


For cases initiated prior to December 2020: 
For cases initiated after December 2020:
For all students:

Fitness to study

Fitness to study - effective October 2020

 Fitness to Study Procedure [pdf]