Terms of reference

  • To advise the Senate and where appropriate the Vice-Provost Advisory Group (Education) and/or Vice-Provost Advisory Group (Research) on all matters relating to the development of postgraduate education and research as regards PhD, MPhil, EngD and MD(Res) degrees, including any impact on MRes degrees, including joint and collaborative programmes.
  • To advise the Senate and where appropriate the Vice-Provost Advisory Group (Research) and/or Vice-Provost Advisory Group (Education) on changes to higher degree regulations and the developments in UK and international policy on postgraduate education and research
  • To implement new initiatives concerning postgraduate research students as requested by Senate and/or the Vice Provost Advisory Group (Research)
  • To determine the standards and framework by which departments operate for postgraduate education and research
  • To propose and advise on modifications to College regulations and procedures that affect postgraduate research students
  • To oversee the processes of quality assurance for postgraduate research degrees (including those for joint and collaborative programmes) including the development and dissemination of precepts for postgraduate research programmes and the sharing of good practice
  • To undertake reviews of new and existing programmes or awards, including those for joint postgraduate research programmes and awards, and including, in association with Registry the periodic reviews of research training, and make recommendations to Senate as appropriate
  • To consider major changes in programmes, the discontinuation of existing programmes, including those for joint and collaborative postgraduate research programmes, and make recommendations to Senate as appropriate
  • To receive minutes from each of the Joint Postgraduate Research Degree Programme Committees
  • To approve postgraduate research examiners and to consider matters arising from their reports.
  • To oversee all special cases, for example for registration, extensions and restriction of access to theses
  • To advise on the format and presentation of theses
  • To advise on matters relating to the recruitment and registration of postgraduate research students
  • To oversee the professional skills development programme for postgraduate students in the College
  • To oversee surveys that include postgraduate research students
  • To seek ways to develop and improve the postgraduate research student experience
  • To maintain an overview of the statistics for research students on admissions, completion rates, withdrawals, referral and failure rates, destination statistics, examination irregularities (including cases of plagiarism), student appeals and disciplinaries and report these annually to Senate
  • To have oversight of the College’s responses to postgraduate funding calls or other opportunities
  • To report regularly to Senate

Constitution and membership


  • Graduate School Director (Chair)
  • Graduate School Deputy Director (Deputy Chair)
  • Vice Provost (Education)
  • Vice Provost (Research)
  • Academic Registrar (or nominee)
  • Director of Student Support
  • One College Tutor
  • One elected College Consul
  • One representative from each department (normally the Director of Postgraduate Studies)
  • one representative from the School of Professional Development and one representative from the Business School
  • Graduate School Deputy Director (Professional Skills)
  • the ICU Deputy President (Education) and the GSU President (or their nominees) plus up to 3 student representatives as agreed by the GSU & ICU; with the power to co- opt. 
  • An Assistant Registrar as secretary

The Heads of joint and collaborative research degree programmes will be invited to attend for relevant items.

Professor Sue Gibson Director of the Graduate School as Chair
Professor Ferri Aliabadi Aeronautics 
Professor Peter Allison Earth Science and Engineering/Deputy Director of the Graduate School 
Professor Andrew Amis Mechanical Engineering 
Dr Simon Archer College Tutor 
Dr Marco Aurisicchio Design Engineering 
Mr David Ashton Academic Registrar
Dr Anil Bharath Bioengineering 
Professor Simone Buitendijk Vice Provost (Education)
Professor David Dye Materials 
Dr Matthew Fuchter Chemistry
Professor Amparo Galindo Chemical Engineering 
Dr Kleoniki Gounaris Life Sciences
TBC GSU President
Professor Jonathan Haskel Imperial College Business School
Professor Andrew Holmes Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Professor Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin School of Public Health
Professor Henrik Jensen Mathematics
Dr Sally Leevers Crick Doctoral Centre
Professor Tony Magee Depty Director of the Graduate School
Professor Stefan Maier Physics
Mr Luke McCrone ICU Deputy President (Education)
Dr Felicity Mellor School of Professional Development
Mr Richard Monk Assistant Registrar (Senate and Academic Review) as Secretary
Professor Kevin Murphy Department of Medicine
Professor Alessandra Russo Computing
Mr Ahmed Shamso GSU President
Professor Michael Seckl Surgery and Cancer
Dr Mike Tennant Centre for Environmental Policy
Dr Mark Ungless Institute of Clinical Sciences
Professor Ahmer Wadee Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor Denis Wright Director of Student Support
Professor Yun Xu Consul for the Faculty of Engineering & the Business School
TBC Student Representative 1
TBC Student Representative 2
TBC Student Representative 3
Summary of the table's contents

Meeting dates and deadlines

Committee dates 2016/17Submission deadlines 2016/17
26 October 2016 12 October 2016
22 February 2017 02 February 2017
10 May 2017 26 April 2017
Summary of the table's contents

Agenda items (including papers) should be submitted to the committee secretary two weeks prior to the committee meeting. Papers will normally be circulated to members one week prior to the committee meeting. 



Academic year 2015-16

*Minutes to be confirmed at the next meeting

Academic year 2014-15

Academic year 2013-14

Academic year 2012-13

For committee minutes prior to 2012/13, please contact the committee secretary.