2020 Emerging Alumni Leader Award winners

The Emerging Alumni Leader Award: Celebrating the next generation of game-changers.

This award recognises and celebrates our rising stars. Innovators, game-changers and the next generation of leaders.

Alumni eligible for this award:

  • Graduated from Imperial College London in the last 15 years.
  • Are emerging leaders in their field.
  • Have demonstrated determination and motivation whilst striving for excellence.
  • Can demonstrate the tangible impact of their work.
  • Are inspiring role models, mentors or champions for equality.
  • Are making a positive contribution to their community, or impact on society through their professional, voluntary or charitable activities.

Meet our previous winners

Meet our Emerging Alumni Leader Award Winners 2020

Driven by her ambition to “democratise property investment” and make the UK property market more accessible to underrepresented groups, Ayesha Ofori (MSci Physics 2007) launched an investment business for property investors, which is also focused on helping to deliver more affordable housing in the UK. She is also the founder and CEO of PropElle Network, a property investment community for women. Read Ayesha’s full profile

Recognised as one of Pulse’s Top 50 most influential UK GP's, Dr Mohammedabbas Khaki (MBBS Medicine 2010) is an award-winning doctor and TED speaker. He is dedicated to inspiring change on a global level through his roles in media, humanitarian aid work and as the founding chair of the international charity Who is Hussain, a global NGO spanning 30 countries that tackles social injustice through positive action. Read Mohammedabbas’ full profile.

Dr Veronica Bray Durfey's (PhD Earth Science & Engineering 2009) research in the field of planetary science has led to significant advances in the analysis of surface features on planets, moons, asteroids and comets. An emerging leader in both science and spacecraft mission design, planning and operations, her work has been integral to the development of future missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Read Veronica’s full profile

A world expert in the field of prostate cancer diagnosis, Dr Veeru Kasivisvanathan (MBBS Medicine 2009) was awarded the British Medical Journal best research paper of the year in 2019. His work in prostate cancer research has led to changes in the NICE guidelines and paved the way for a new standard of care across the UK and internationally. Read Veeru’s full profile

Arjun Panesar (MEng Computing 2006) is the Founding CEO and Head of AI at Diabetes Digital Media, an organisation which provides evidence-based health interventions for people with diabetes and other long-term health conditions. With over 1.4 million active members, the organisation is redefining the understanding of chronic disease and wellness. Read Arjun’s full profile

Dr Aula Abbara (MBBS Medicine 2005, MD(Res) 2017) has gained an international reputation in the fields of refugee and humanitarian health. She led a project which provided primary healthcare for refugees in Greece for the Syrian American Medical Society, led and completed a consultation for WHO EMRO on healthcare access for refugees and is on the advisory group for the Code of Practice on Healthworker Migration for WHO. Read Aula’s full profile