Events website replacement Project

What we are doing

We are replacing the College’s current events website, events content management system (CMS), and supporting infrastructure. The project will also revise publishing workflows, editorial guidance, and training for event organisers and editors.

Why we are doing it

  • To replace an unsupported system - We need to provide a replacement for the events website and content management systems, due to the planned decommission of the Oracle Portal CMS. Oracle Portal is no longer supported by the organisation, and there is a significant risk of the events website failing and not being restored.
  • To adhere to best practice - The events website, event editing interface, and content management system, were designed over 10 years ago. The website no longer fits with the Imperial’s brand, design, or web best practice.
  • To improve the user experience - There is an opportunity to significantly improve the user experience for the 250,000 yearly visitors to the events website, and to increase the number of visitors through improved promotional ability.
  • To raise the College profile - This project will deliver a greatly improved digital communication platform for the promotion of the College's formal and informal events programmes. Through this website, the College will be able to raise the profile of our research, educational, community and public engagement events, with a broad range of staff, student, alumni and public  communities.

Benefits to you

This project seeks to support the College Strategy and Communications strategy and achieve the following benefits:

  1. Your events will be easier for people to find.
  2. You will have a easier to use system for publishing events content.
  3. You will have an improved ability to promote College events.
  4. As a College member you will receive training and support.
  5. There will be an interface for non-staff and alumni to submit event proposals.
  6. A responsive and accessible platform that works on mobile devices.
  7. A better experience for people who are intrested in your event.
Deliverables/MilestonesStart dateEnd date
 Project initiation  April 2018  May 2018
 User experience design  May 2018  July 2018
 Data migration  May 2018  July 2018
 New CMS configuration  May 2018  July 2018
 Templating app build  May 2018  August 2018
 Website front end build  July 2018  September 2018
 Integration with existing systems  July 2018  September 2018
 System testing  September 2018  November 2018
 Training and user acceptance  September 2018  November 2018
 Events website launch  November 2018  November 2018
 Post-launch activities  November 2018  December 2018
 Project close  January 2019  January 2019
Summary of the table's contents

Designs signed off

In July the Events website replacement project reached its first significant milestone. We completed the User experience design stage when we signed off the new page designs created by our digital design agency Domain7.

You can see a selection of the events website design mock-ups on InVision. These include:

  • What’s On page: including different options for presenting major College events
  • Events page: including options for ticketed, closed, and major events
  • Listing content type: for adding searchable/filterable event listings to main College website pages
  • Event summary content type: for when you need to add just one event to a main College website page
  • Channel pages: examples of styling options for major event takeovers


If you would like to leave feedback, be consulted on the project or share your ideas please compete the Events replacement project survey.

Contact Liz Scholfield, Project Coordinator, if you have further feedback or have any questions about the Events replacement project.