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Tools to improve study efficiency

Tools to improve study efficiency
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From mind mapping technology to spell checkers, Imperial provides multiple tools that can help you study and work better, faster and smarter.

Use these pages to learn how technology can help you with the following activities:

How to access this technology?

Most of these study tools are available on PCs across College and for download from the Software Hub (licence permitting). Log in to the Software Hub and select 'Categories' from the menu bar, from here choose 'Inclusive Technology' which brings up a list of all available tools, technology and software.

Study tools and device compatability

Study tools and device compatibility

Study toolAvailable on College Windows deviceAvailable on personal Windows deviceAvailable on personal MacAvailable on iOS
 ClaroRead  Yes  No  No  No
 MindView  Yes  Yes  No  No
 Audio Notetaker  Yes  No  No  Yes
 Spellex  Yes  No  No  No
 Grammarly  Yes  Yes  Yes (no MS Word add on)  Yes  Yes (mic required)  Yes  Yes  No
 AT Bar  Yes (Chrome add on)  Yes  Yes (Chrome add on)  No
 EquatIO  Yes (Chrome add on)  Yes  Yes (Chrome add on)  No
 MyScript Maths Sample  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 Photo Maths iOS No (mobile app)  No  No  Yes
 Quizlet Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Stem Reader n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a
 Strict Workflow Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 Zotero Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 CamScanner No (mobile app)  No  No  Yes
 Mind Shift No (mobile app)  No  No  Yes


  • If you require technical support then contact the ICT Service Desk who can help you download and install software.

  • Diversity and Ability Ltd (DnA) are an external company who have extensive experience and knowledge on the use of study tools.  If you need advice or training on how to use any of the tools on these pages, then contact DnA directly and they will be happy to help all Imperial College London students and staff.