Contact your Faculty Web Officer to request a space on Box

Other file storage and sharing services

Choosing the right file storage and sharing service

ICT have several different file storage options (including storing and linking to sensitive and internal access only files

If you would like to store and share public links to files we can provide a space on Box.

Where would I use public links?

Examples of where you may like to link to public documents include:

  • Newsletters
  • Social media
  • Systems without a built in document management solution
  • News articles
  • Events pages

How do I request a space on Box?

How to use Workspace on Box to generate a link to a file 

  1. Login to the Imperial College London Box using your normal Imperial username and password
  2. Your workspace folder will be visible – it will begin with “Workspace – “, click on it to open
  3. Upload your file(s)
  4. Generate a shared link