Information about Admissions terms and conditions

Admissions Polices

Our Admissions policies are overseen by the College's Recruitment and Admissions Strategy and Policy Committee. Information on the College's policies regarding admissions are available on the Admissions Policy page of our website.  The policies will include information on:

  • Application Routes and Deadlines.
  • Entrance Requirements.
  • Selection Policies & Procedures.
  • Accepting Our Offer and Contract of Admission.
  • Feedback to Unsuccessful Applicants.

Applicant Right to Cancel

When you accept the offer of an Undergraduate programme of study through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) as your “Firm Choice” (or if you accept your offer as your “Insurance Choice” and it defaults to your “Firm Choice”) you will enter into a contract with Imperial College London.

As part of this contract Imperial is required to make you aware of the terms and conditions including the regulations that you are required to abide by and information on how to complain to the College. This information is located on the terms and conditions webpages for people thinking of applying, applicants and current students of the College as a reference point.

After you have accepted your offer of a place through UCAS as your “Firm Choice” (or, if you have accepted your offer as your “Insurance Choice”, after it defaults to your “Firm Choice”), you have the right to cancel your place within the period of 14 days from the date of your acceptance/default to “Firm Choice” without giving us a reason by informing the Admissions team by email at or by writing to the Admissions Team. Should you wish to cancel your offer please download the ‌ that can be used for both email and written request to cancel your offer.