students in class

Through the StudentShapers programme we are developing, expanding and better understanding the concept of engaging students as partners in a broad range of activities. The StudentShapers programme is developed on the basis of the Learning and Teaching Strategy adopting an evidence based approach to our education at Imperial. A range of recent literature on the subject of working with students as partners in Higher Education demonstrates the value to both staff and students, as well as achieving institutional goals in adopting this approach. However, through the Centre for Higher Education and Scholarship we are seeking to expand our understanding of the potential reach of working with Students as Partners, demonstrate best practice in the approach and to place the concept of Students as Partners into the context of a research intensive, STEM focussed university.

StudentShapers projects

Many StudentShapers projects undertaken in an authentic staff-student partnership environment could often yield results that may be able to make a useful contribution to the scholarly literature on students as partners in higher education. Maintaining the partnership through to publication can also further enhance the benefits of the partnership.  

For staff and students undertaking a curriculum development project, reporting novel or new ways of teaching within a discipline may be relevant, especially when supported with a robust evaluation of implementation. Some projects may have broader reach and implications on higher education teaching practice, including working with students as partners in particular contexts.

For Imperial College staff or students planning to present an aspect of your work in the area of student partnership, please get in touch so that we can support your activities. A list of education related journals is available here. A more comprehensive set of references on student partnership is on Professor Mick Healey's Resources Page: access the bibliography here. Mick also gave a keynote presentation at our Education day in 2015.