Collaboration on MSc projects has long been a key channel of interaction between Imperial College and Anglian Water. Working together allows students to achieve their MSc programme requirements for their final projects while working on finding novel solutions for current business challenges. This gives students exposure to a real work environment, the opportunity to work on exciting projects that will have an impact, while giving them the crucial first business experience setting them apart when it comes to finding their first job.

Below is a list of past projects undertaken by students across Imperial College including the Anglian Water Placement students.

YearStudent NameProject
2022 Yurui Kang  Evaluating the potential of biological removal of fats, oils and greases (FOGs) in sewer systems
2022 (2020-2022 AW placement)  Gerard Lamarche Investigating the Impact of Sludge Incineration As An Alternative to Anaerobic Digestion on Anglian Water’s Scope 1 Process Emissions
2022 (2020-2022 AW placement)  Sancho Barcia Pintado  Carbon and financial implications of co-locating green hydrogen production at wastewater treatment plants with novel biofilm aeration technologies
2021 Zijian Zhao  Measuring Microplastics in Water: Review of Latest Developments 
2021 Achilleas Lekkas  Microplastics Fate and Behaviour in Receiving aquatic ecosystems 
2021 (2019-2021 AW placement)  Emma Sherburn  Microplastics in wastewater assessing microplastic flows through a wastewater catchment
2020 (2018-2020 AW placement)  Harvey Robinson  Quantification of Scope 1 Greenhouse Gas Process Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants and Effective Pricing of Carbon Equivalents to incentivise decarbonisation of the Water Industry
2019 (2017-19 AW placement)  Harve Kigozi Constructed Wetlands for Phosphorus Removal in Small-scale Wastwater Treatment Works
2018 (2016-18 AW placement)  Denis Moran  Assessing the potential of flow cytometry to enhance microbiological water quality monitoring and investigation
2018 (2016-18 AW placement)  Kirelle MacManus    Increasing renewable energy production from the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge 
2016 (2014-16 AW placement) Liz MacManus An investigation into the optimisation of drinking water treatment processes for the reduction of THMs: Hall Water Treatment Works case study
2016 Tim Poole The risk of microplastics in wastewater - a critical review for the water industry: microplastics microproblem?
2016 Dante Guillermo Ruiz Martinez A case study of the water-energy-food nexus in the Anglian Water Shop Window
2016 Yi Sheng Koh Cyber security in the water industry
2015 (2013-15 AW placement)                    Rhys Goddard  An evaluation of the potential of different passive sampling applications for water quality monitoring   
2015 Nikoletta Metaxatos Innovative water resource management for environmental benefit
2014 (2012-14 AW placement)  Lauren Petch Exploring the link between water temperature and pipe bursts and what this means for the water industry    
2014 (2012-14 AW placement) Lok (Chloe) Ng  The application of the reactive filtration to achieve total phosphorus concentration of below 0.1mg/L in wastewater effluent in the East Anglian region                           
2014 Iman Mohammad Ibrahim Catchment management strategies for emerging pesticides for Anglian Water 
2013 Josimar Senior  A comparative analysis of alternative and advanced treatment options for the management of endocrine disrupting chemicals    
2012 Samer Alameddine            The impact of climate change on freshwater algae and subsequent surface water treatment
2011 Nathan Hewitt Optimism of enhanced digestion: Cambi process at cotton valley wastewater treatment works
2011 Lijing Chen Sustainability of biological phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment
2010 Claire de Bouteiller Evaluating the carbon footprint of alternative sludge treatment and disposal methods
2009 Joseph Park  Investigation of nitrous oxide flux in wastewater treatment process for the estimation of nitrous oxide emission
2009 ML Rogner Recovery of phosphorus from sewage treatment works
2008 Robyn Kimber  Assessing opportunities for collecting high calorific food waste from businesses for co-digestion with sewage sludge CIWM/Anglian Water
2008  Yi Zhao  Assessing the sustainability of anaerobic treatment of wastewater in temperate climate
2007 Androulla Constantinou Assessing the impact of household food disposal units to wastewater treatment (in collaboration with DEFRA)
2007 Fiona Antoniades Assessing the potential of anaerobic digestion for wastewater treatment
2006 Benjamin Poole Investigation of the settlement characteristics of humus tank sludge from sites with chemical phosphorus removal
2005 Samantha Antonini Assessing stackability for sewage sludge 
2004 Aisley Gogarty The future of trickling filters in Anglian Water sewage treatment works
2004 Georgina Venton  Effects of flooding on wastewater treatment operations 
2003 Rebecca Quinlan  Sewage sludge drying technologies
2002 Anna-Kaisa Karki Heavy metals in the aquatic environment: Management of risks for the water industry
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