Multidisciplinary networks, centres and institutes

Our Global Challenge Institutes were created to address some of the most important issues facing the world today. These issues are too big to be tackled by individual academics or teams, so the Institutes serve to harness and drive multi-disciplinary approaches, bringing together experts with a wide range of specialisms. The Institutes enable and support cross-faculty collaboration across College, while engaging externally with policymakers, businesses, end-users, and international partners to bring rapid, innovative progress to these critical issues. The impacts of the Global Challenge Institutes can be seen through their outputs, including their education and training programmes, in-depth policy papers and reports, seminars, workshops, and research grants. Together, these enhance and promote Imperial’s world-leading research strengths in these areas.​

The Imperial Centres of Excellence aim to galvanise a critical mass of researchers, transcending Faculty boundaries to support a multidisciplinary theme. The Imperial Networks of Excellence aim to establish and grow connections around an important multidisciplinary area that is being explored at an earlier stage than the centres. Find out more about how the College recognises multi-faculty networks and centres.