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AB - Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a widely used clin-ical therapeutic modality to treat Parkinsons disease refractorysymptoms and complications of levodopa therapy. Currentlyavailable DBS systems use continuous, open-loop stimulationstrategies. It might be redundant and we could extend the batterylife otherwise. Recently, robust electrophysiological signaturesof Parkinsons disease have been characterized in motor cortexof patients undergoing DBS surgery. Reductions in the beta-gamma Phase-Amplitude coupling (PAC) correlated with symp-tom improvement, and the therapeutic effects of DBS itself. Weaim to develop a miniature, implantable and adaptive system,which only stimulates the neural target, when triggered by theoutput of the appropriate PAC algorithm. As a first step, in thispaper we compare published PAC algorithms by using humandata intra-operatively recorded from Parkinsonian patients. Wethen introduce IIR masking for later achieving fast and low-power FPGA implementation of PAC mapping for intra-operativestudies. Our closed-loop application is expected to consumesignificantly less power than current DBS systems, thereforewe can increase the battery life, without compromising clinicalbenefits.
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