Multiscale Computational Tools for Optogenetics

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PyRhO is an integrated suite of open-source tools written in Python for parameterising and simulating (rhod)opsins. It provides convenient data structures and routines for fitting kinetic models of opsin dynamics to experimental photocurrents in addition to "ready-made" models of popular opsins. These models may then be simulated in a variety of common stimulation protocols from the individual channel level to whole networks of transfected spiking neurons. PyRhO also comes with a Jupyter notebook based Graphical User Interface (GUI) making it intuitive and easy to use with minimal programming experience. 


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Evans, B. D., Jarvis, S., Schultz, S. R. & Nikolic K. (2016). "PyRhO: A Multiscale Optogenetics Simulation Platform". Front. in Neuroinform., 10(8). doi:10.3389/fninf.2016.00008

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  • Dr Simon Schultz, Department of Bioengineering
  • Dr Sarah Jarvis, Department of Bioengineering

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