Research overview

ReSBio is an interdisciplinary research group led by Dr Miao Guo, focusing on the user-oriented problem-solving and long-term engineering solutions in the biorenewable sectors (including bioenergy, biofuel, biochemicals, bioplastics). ReSBio research activities engage policy-makers, industrial stakeholders, scientists and engineers, tackling the sustainable and resilience challenges around biorenewable systems design and contributing to the future bioeconomy evolution. 

We are particularly interested in the following areas –

  • Whole systems modelling and optimisation of resource-competition systems.
  • Integration of ecosystem services with value chain optimisation.
  • Systems modelling of circular bioeconomy.
  • Game theory based model to understand the policy implications for innovation market or low-carbon technology deployment.
  • Biorenewable systems analyses and design under emerging economy context.
  • Biogeochemical modelling to understand the lignocellulosic biomass dynamics and carbon/nitrogen cycles in agro-ecosystems.
  • Process design for waste resource recovery.
  • Life cycle sustainability evaluation of biorenewables processes and supply chains.
  • Optimisation for resource-efficient urbanisation system.

Find out more about our current research projects:

Resilient and Sustainable Biorenewable Systems Engineering Model
Bioenergy value chains
Multi-echelon value chain design under emerging economy
Resource recovery from wastewater
Biogeochemical modelling
Life cycle sustainability evaluation of biorenewables processes and supply chains 
Sustainable and resource-efficient urban energy system