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AB - Nucleotide-signaling pathways are found in all kingdoms oflife and are utilized to coordinate a rapid response to externalstimuli. The stringent response alarmones guanosine tetra(ppGpp)and pentaphosphate (pppGpp) control a globalresponse allowing cells to adapt to starvation conditions such asamino acid depletion. One more recently discovered signalingnucleotide is the secondary messenger cyclic diadenosinemonophosphate (c-di-AMP). Here, we demonstrate that thissignaling nucleotide is essential for the growth of Staphylococcusaureus, and its increased production during late growthphases indicates that c-di-AMP controls processes that areimportant for the survival of cells in stationary phase. By examiningthe transcriptional profile of cells with high levels of c-diAMP,we reveal a significant overlap with a stringent responsetranscription signature. Examination of the intracellular nucleotidelevels under stress conditions provides further evidencethat high levels of c-di-AMP lead to an activation of the stringentresponse through a RelA/SpoT homologue (RSH) enzymedependentincrease in the (p)ppGpp levels. This activation isshown to be indirect as c-di-AMP does not interact directly withthe RSH protein. Our data extend this interconnection furtherby showing that the S. aureus c-di-AMP phosphodiesteraseenzyme GdpP is inhibited in a dose-dependent manner byppGpp, which itself is not a substrate for this enzyme. Altogether,these findings add a new layer of complexity to ourunderstanding of nucleotide signaling in bacteria as they highlightintricate interconnections between different nucleotidesignalingnetworks.
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