The HIV clinical team at Imperial has considerable experience in the design and management of studies in the UK and internationally, both early phase and late.

Key areas of research

  disease image                                                         

HIV therapeutics                                                    

  • Antiretroviral naïve and switch studies                                                                
  • Therapeutic options in primary HIV infection
  • Development of new antiretroviral drugs and first in man studies
  • Antiretroviral pharmacology and pharmacokinetic studies
  • Sanctuary site antiretroviral pharmacology (strong focus on the CNS)

Viral hepatitis co-infection in HIV disease

  • Therapies for HCV co-infection
  • Complications of HCV including CNS disease

Comorbidities and ageing with HIV

  • Effects of ageing on HIV disease
  • Comorbidities and HIV (strong focus on CNS complications)
  • Complications of antiretroviral therapy

 HIV prevention and eradication

  • Vaccines (first in man studies)
  • Microbicide development
  • HIV Eradication / Cure strategies and studies