Imperial has a number of research centres and themes focused on innovative science and cutting edge applications of surgical technologies to patient care. These include:  

surgery and cancer image

  • Imaging, sensing and robotics technologies: the research being undertaken at the Hamlyn Centre aims to develop safe, effective and accessible imaging, sensing and robotics technologies that can reshape the future of healthcare.
  • Energy based medical devices: focusing on advancing surgical and medical techniques by harnessing the power and accuracy of radiofrequency energy.
  • Musculoskeletal lab: the main areas of musculoskeletal research are early osteoarthritis, knee and hip disease, joint analysis, patient matched surgery, the perfect gait, biodynamics and rehabilitation, the gait lab and neuroscience.
  • Venous disease: led by Professor Davies, based at Charing Cross hospital, this work is researching superficial and deep venous disease.
  • Endovascular robotics: We have published novel in-vitro evidence of the advantages of robotic catheter systems for endovascular treatments in terms of operator performance, safety, overcoming difficult anatomy and skills learning.
  • Human factors and ergonomics: This research includes the design and evaluation of laparoscopic instrumentation and imaging systems and the use of Human Reliability Assessment (HRA) techniques.
  • Minimal access and robotic cardiac surgery: Our minimal access and robotic cardiac surgery combines clinical training with a focused research and academic programme.