[07/08/13] SK has just come back from the workshop “Mathematical Approaches to Complex Fluids – A Two Week Summer School” at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, July 22-August 2 2013. He gave a talk on our recent efforts on moving contact lines.

[10/07/13] Group get together to celebrate several recent successes.

From left to right: S.K., Greg P. (Maths), Markus S. (Chem. Eng. / Maths), Ben G. (Chem. Eng.), Hiroshi G. (Visitor), Andreas N. (Chem. Eng.), David S. (Chem. Eng.), Petr Y. (Chem. Eng.), Marc P. (Chem. Eng.), Sebastian K. (Maths), Raj. V (Chem. Eng.).

[14/04/13] Our work on the dynamics of soft matter has recently featured in an Imperial College London news article entitled "From cloud formation to liquid foundation: new soft matter model developed"