Below is a list of Postdoctoral Researchers with membership to the Centre.

Postdoctoral Researchers

NameResearch area and InstitutionFunding

Dr Nikos Bempedelis
(2022 - present)

Bayesian optimization of wind farms with exascale computing

Imperial College London, Department of Aeronautics 

Dr Georgios Margazoglou
(2021 - present)

Modelling of chaotic flows

Imperial College London, Department of Aeronautics 




Dr Tullio Traverso
(2021 - present)

Bayesian modelling of turbulent multi-phase flows

Imperial College London and The Alan Turing Institute 



Joseph O’Connor
(2021 - present)


Bayesian optimisation of active flow control strategies for turbulent boundary layers

Imperial College London, Turbulence Simulation Group

Alberto Racca

Prediction and control of extreme fluid dynamics with artificial intelligence

Schmidt Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering