Biomimetic Symposium (22nd June 2022)

Institute for Chemical Biology and Network for Sensor Technologies
13:00-18:30 @ B.10, Molecular Science Research Hub (MSRH), White City Campus

Biomimetics is an interdisciplinary field that combines principles from engineering, chemistry, biology and physics to generate new materials, synthetic systems or devices with functions that mimic biological processes.

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13:00 -13:05: Welcome

Dr Nazila Kamaly; Dr Yuval Elani; Dr Alex Ivanov


13:05 -13:15: ICB 2022 and beyond

Professor Oscar Ces; Professor Ramon Vilar


13:15-14:00: ‘A journey into biomimetic design: From protein to DNA membrane pores’

Professor Stefan Howorka, University College London


14:00 -14:30: ‘Biomicrofluidic models of endothelial dysfunction as a predictive tool for nanoparticle performance in vivo’

Dr Nazila Kamaly, Imperial College London 


14:30-15:00: ‘Developing microfluidic models to study cerebrovascular disease’

Dr Paul Holloway, University of Oxford


15:00-15:30: Coffee Break


15:30-16:00: ‘Biomimetic design in neuroengineering: from therapeutics to device development’

Dr Roberto Portillo-Lara, Imperial College London


16:00-16:30: ‘Biomimetic synthetic material robotics’

Professor Stoyan Smoukov, Queen Mary, University of London


16:30-17:00: ‘Can emergent properties arise from protocell units assembling into tissue-like materials?’

Dr. Pierangello Gobbo, University of Trieste


17:00-17:40: PhD Flash Talks

Colin Pilkington, Tianyi Yin, Jake Samuel, Annie Sahota


17:40-18:30: Pizza and drinks


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