Imperial College London’s mission is to achieve enduring excellence in research and education in science, engineering, medicine and business for the benefit of society.

To ensure delivery of our mission, the Work Location Framework sets out the options in relation to how and where members of staff from all [1] job families may undertake their work activities.

Leaders and managers are expected to adopt the below framework in a fair, equitable and transparent way that suits the operational requirements of their areas.

This framework is not contractual and will be reviewed from time to time.


Staff are expected to undertake their role in line with the Imperial Values and Behaviours. The College’s Values are at the very centre of our work and guide our behaviour as a community, across all parts of the College. This framework aims to protect and promote our Values of Respect, Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity and Innovation.


  • The College Mission will underpin our decisions about work location and work patterns.
  • We will deliver and achieve our mission by supporting education, research and our wider College activities in person and online.
  • We are committed to maintaining a supportive and positive culture in line with our values, which support a diverse and vibrant environment where our staff and students feel a sense of belonging and are encouraged to be active participants in the College community onsite.
  • The University Management Board supports local areas in making transparent decisions based on their departmental operational and academic needs, requirements of the role and the aspirations of their teams and members of staff.
  • Managers are expected to include all members of staff in team activities, regardless of work location, and manage teams inclusively.
  • We will be open and flexible when considering ways of working to deliver the College mission and team objectives and expect the same from staff including the need to be flexible and to change arrangements should operational requirements change.
  • We will respect individual circumstances, encouraging open and transparent discussions with individuals in relation to work location, including the consideration of workplace adjustments and support to balance their work and home lives.
  • We will continually review and learn from our experiences to evolve our working practices.


[1] Academic, Research, Teaching, Learning, Professional, Technical and Operational