In addition to facilitating access to human tissue samples, ICHTB can provide the following services on a fee for service A pipettebasis;

  • Cutting sections from frozen or FFPE tissue blocks.     
  • H&E staining of frozen or FFPE tissue slides.                  
  • DNA extraction from blood, saliva, frozen or FFPE tissue.
  • RNA extraction from blood, saliva, frozen or FFPE tissue.
  • Slide scanning of stained sections.
  • Advice on design of clinical trials where biospecimens are collected.
  • Provision of SOPs on tissue collection, quality assurance and further processing for clinical trials or tissue banking.
  • Dry ice (please note: dry ice is delivered on Monday morning, therefore the order needs to be placed by Thursday of the previous week)
  • Extra Sample Consent forms and Patient Information Sheet (PIS).
  • Sample storage

For further information on our services and to request a quote, please email the Tissue Bank.