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AB - Electrochemical devices such as fuel cells are key to a sustainable energy future. However the applicability of such underrealistic conditions is not viable to date. Expensive precious metals are used as electrocatalysts and contaminants presentin the operating media poison the utilized catalysts. Here the one pot synthesis of a highly active, self-supporting andsurprisingly poison tolerant catalyst is reported. The polymerisation of 1,5-Diaminonaphthalene provides self-assemblednanospheres, which upon pyrolysis form a catalytically active high surface area material. Tolerance to a wide range ofsubstances that poison precious metal based catalysts combined with high electrocatalytic activity might enable numerousadditional technological applications. In addition to fuel cells these could be metal-air batteries, oxygen-depolarized chloralkalicathodes, oxygen sensors, medical implantable devices, waste water treatment and as counter electrodes for manyother sensors where the operating medium is a complex and challenging mixture.
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