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AB - This paper reports an effort to investigate the effect of flow velocities and inlet configurations on horizontal oil-water flows in a 32 mm ID acrylic pipe using water and an aliphatic oil (Exxsol D140) as test fluids. The flows of interest were analysed using pressure drop measurements and high-speed photography in an effort to obtain a flow pattern map, pressure gradient profiles and measures of the in situ phase fractions. The experiments reveal a particular effect of the inlet configuration on the observed flow pattern. A horizontal plate, installed at the inlet, generates a transition to stratified flow when the plate height closely matched the in situ water height at high input oil fractions.
AU - Ibarra,R
AU - Matar,OK
AU - Markides,CN
AU - Zadrazil,I
PB - BHR Group
PY - 2015///
TI - An experimental study of oil-water flows in horizontal pipes
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