Mathematical Physics Seminars

A fortnightly seminar on topics in Mathematical Physics, aimed at a general audience.

Wednesdays 3-4pm, Huxley 139 (typically)

All are welcome!

For further information, to be added to the mailing list, or if you wish to meet a speaker, please contact Jessica Eastman or Simon Malzard.

Diversity Policy for the Mathematical Physics Seminar

Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London

Imperial College London, its Department of Mathematics, and its Mathematical physics group are committed to fostering a welcoming, open, and diverse research community. We recognise that there is an under representation of groups in this discipline, particularly among senior academics and other professionals. The Mathematical physics seminar series will try to address this under representation by actively promoting equality, diversity and inclusion among the speakers. We will do this by the following: 1. We will actively seek a diverse set of speakers to reflect the diversity of the UK’s community. 2. We will invite speakers from a range of career stages in order to promote their work, with emphasis on early career researchers. 3. We will seek to invite speakers from under represented groups in terms of gender, gender identity, race/ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation in order to promote their work and increase visibility. 4. We will invite speakers from all around the UK, as well as the rest of the world in so far as budget permits. 5. We will make our speaker list public and solicit suggestions for possible speakers from the department to ensure a broad list of potential speakers. When selecting potential speakers for the seminar series we will actively seek to increase the diversity of the list in terms of gender, gender identity, race/ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation in order to promote equality and visibility for under represented groups in this discipline. We will do this with the help of resources available to us such as the UK Women in Mathematics LinkedIn Group, European Women in Mathematics Members List, SheNote, 500 Women Scientists, 500 Queer scientists, LGBT STEM.

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