Stochastic dynamics of life

Life is the ultimate non-equilibrium phenomenon. Different paradigms apply at different levels of coarse-graining. Our research aims at relating them to each other and demonstrating how one emerges from the other, for example, how microtubule polymerise from tubulin, how cells interact and how they form functioning structures.

Stochastic processes

Statistical field theory is an amazingly powerful tool to keep track of particles and how their interactions gives rise to cooperative phenomena. Some of these phenomena we alternatively investigate using traditional probabilistic methods.

Self-Organised Criticality

After more than thirty years of Self-Organised Criticality it is still not fully understood how self-organisation can lead to non-trivial critical behaviour. We study that question numerically as well as analytically.

Field theoretic methods

We are working on ways to apply field theoretic methods to questions they hitherto were of limited use for, such as phenomena taking place within networks or certain processes with excluded volume constraints.