November 2016


bubblesPhD scholarship 

One of our projects has been selected as eligible for a NERC-funded PhD scholarship. See our Positions tab for details and how to apply.

chalkInvited talk

Giovanni gave a talk at the Darwin Society (Un. of Cambridge), titled "The physics of self-organizing tissues: Arabidopsis root as a model system"


PhilipMaster student

Philip Lee is a student of the MRes Molecular Plant and Microbial Sciences, joining the Lab for his first project.
He will work with NIck to study root electrotropism in Arabidopsis.  



September 2016


Our recent paper made it to the cover of Regeneration! Get a PDF version of the cover here.
Congratulations to Nick and Alexandra!

logoInvited talk

Giovanni gave a talk at the EMBO conference "The molecular and cellular basis of regeneration and tissue repair"held in Paestum (Italy) on September 17-21.
The full programme of the conference can be found hereIt has been lots of fun and we met so many new interesting people!



June 2016 

penPublished paper

Nick had his manuscript "Externally Imposed Electric Field Enhances Plant Root Tip Regeneration" accepted in the journal Regeneration. Congratulations!

It is a very intriguing piece of work on Arabidopsis root regeneration under the stimulus of an external static electric field. NIck is now working on the molecular mechanisms behind this process. Please come back for more!



May 2016 

ricoNew Post-doc 

Ricardo (Rico) Randall is joining us as post-doc (PDRA), to work on cell division dynamics during root regeneration, using our Light Sheet Microscope. Rico is a plant biologist by training, but very keen to refine his quantitative skills. His project is in collaboration with Prof. Henrik Jensen at the Centre for Complexity Science here at Imperial. Welcome, Rico!



April 2016

logoSainsbury Laboratory Symposium

We just came back from the conference "Induced Plant Development", held at the Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge.
Paolo and Nick presented one poster each, on their current research projects.

It was fun and inspiring! Lots of new ideas and friends.



March 2016

wood peopleFinal year undergraduate students

Moira Sgroi, Jessica Street and Chieh Hayes are joining the Lab for the final year undergraduate projects. 



February 2016

penFiled Patent

With the help of Imperial Innovations and together with Polygonal Tree, we filed a patent for the unique plant-module we are using in our light sheet microscopy setup to image Arabidopsis roots.