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AB - We design ultra-thin, entirely flat, dielectric lenses using crystal momentum transfer, so-called Umklapp processes, achieving the required wave control for a new mechanism of flat lensing; physically, these lenses take advantage of abrupt changes in the periodicity of a structured line array so there is an overlap between the first Brillouin zone of one medium with the second Brillouin zone of the other. At the interface between regions of different periodicity, surface, array guided waves hybridize into reversed propagating beams directed into the material exterior to the array. This control, and redirection, of waves then enables the device to emulate a Pendry-Veselago lens that is one unit cell in width, with no need for an explicit negative refractive index. Simulations using an array embedded in an idealized slab of silicon nitride (Si3N4) in air, operating at visible wavelengths between 420–500THz demonstrate the effect.
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