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AB - In elastic wave systems, combining the powerful concepts of resonance andspatial grading within structured surface arrays enable resonant metasurfaces to exhibitbroadband wave trapping, mode conversion from surface (Rayleigh) waves to bulk(shear) waves, and spatial frequency selection. Devices built around these conceptsallow for precise control of surface waves, often with structures that are subwavelength,and utilise Rainbow trapping that separates the signal spatially by frequency. Rainbowtrapping yields large amplifications of displacement at the resonator positions whereeach frequency component accumulates. We investigate whether this amplification, andthe associated control, can be used to create energy harvesting devices; the potentialadvantages and disadvantages of using graded resonant devices as energy harvesters isconsidered.We concentrate upon elastic plate models for which the A0 mode dominates, and takeadvantage of the large displacement amplitudes in graded resonant arrays of rods,to design innovative metasurfaces that trap waves for enhanced piezoelectric energyharvesting. Numerical simulation allows us to identify the advantages of such gradedmetasurface devices and quantify its efficiency, we also develop accurate models ofthe phenomena and extend our analysis to that of an elastic half-space and Rayleighsurface waves.
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