We have records of more than 1500 species of plants, animals and fungi sighted in Silwood grounds since the 1940's.  Find here species or higher taxa that have been recorded and click the tabs below to find out what data is available. This data collection is under construction and we will love your contributions!  Write to us or submit your records to iNaturalist project: Wildlife of Silwood.

Species Records

Historic bird species records

Bird species historically recorded in Silwood Park campus. Most data in this list comes from a series of cards where sightings of bird species were reported over the years. Most cards include late 1940’s and 1950’s observations.  The list includes also occasional observations dating up to 2013. 

This data set includes dated sightings for some species and general presence of the species on campus for others. In some cases, specific locations and abundance were given. Only few records include a collector name.

Find here more details of this data set (366KB) and write to us to access the data


Silwood plant survey

Data collection of plant surveys done by Professor Mick Crawley at Silwood Park campus from 1983 to 2015.

Look here for details about the data set or contact us to access the data.


Silwood species records

This list of records includes plant, animal and fungal species reported in Silwood Park campus.  We continue adding records to this list, with the last uptade made in May 2020.

Records have been put together using different types of data sources:

  • Long-term experiments. Species recorded throughout the years are stated as present. Specific records for these species can be found in each experiment data tables. Data from 1992. 
  • Data collected from graduate and undergraduate student short term research field projects at Silwood fields since 2016. Specific records for these species can be found in each experiment data tables.
  • Data from surveys done by organizations or as part of graduate courses from 2016. Additional data exist for some surveys.
  • Wildlife sightings by individuals or organized groups on campus. Data from 2016.

Find here more details of this species list or contact us to access the data