3D Printer

Robocaster 3D PrinterRobocaster 3D printer capable to printing down to μm-resolution. Temperature controllable with 3 print heads for multiple simultaneous printing patterns. Printing can be done on arbitrary substrates.

Electrical Probe Station

Probe Station Janis Probe station equipped with a temperature sensitive stage suitable for measuring the electrical properties of materials.

High Speed Centrifuge

CentrifugeHigh speed Sorvall Lynx 6000 centrifuge.

Tube Furnaces

TubeFurnaceVerticalFurnaceHorizontal tube furnaces (maximum temperature 1100C) and a vertical CVD system custom made by VG Scientifica. These systems are used for CVD growth of graphene and other 2D materials.


Glove Box

GloveBoxPureLab He GP-1 Nitrogen glove box for synthesis & processing of 2D materials.

Electrochemical Facilities

Gamry potentiostats capable of performing a wide array of electrochemical measurements, including cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep voltammetry, chonoamperometry, and electrochemical impedence spectroscopy.